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Did you know that the Gothic Cathedral in our city is the largest on the planet?

And that the Giralda is one of the best-known Arab monuments in the world?

Emblem of our wonderful city, it is a must-see where you can enjoy one of the most unique experiences, as Christopher Columbus said:

“Never such a beautiful thing I live”.


It is a palace declared a World Heritage Site and the only oldest in Europe in operation to house the members of the Spanish Royal House.

Discover its legends, the courtyard of the dolls, the cistern or the fusion between architecture and nature.


Just five minutes from the Cathedral is the popular Torre del Oro, its name comes from the reflection that its golden tiles project on the Guadalquivir, currently this iconic building in the city is the naval museum.


It is the most emblematic bridge in Seville linking the popular Triana neighborhood with the city center, in its shadow lies the Guadalquivir river and on the shore of the Arenal neighborhood is the ravine market whose architect is Gustave Eiffel, who designed the Eiffel Tower.


In this square is one of the most curious buildings in our city, ‘Las Setas’, it is the largest wooden construction in the world in the shape of mushrooms, in this building we find an antiquarium (which gives name to one of our hotels) from ancient Roman ruins and a food market, you can also go up to the viewpoint that is located in the same mushrooms.


“There is no person on the face of the earth who has not been excited when contemplating the Plaza de España in Seville for the first time.” . Alfonso XIII

This monument is undoubtedly among the most beautiful and important in the city and has been the site of great Hollywood productions such as “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Star Wars” among others.


It was built on the so-called Monte del Baratillo, both inside and outside it forms an irregular polygon with 30 unequal sides, as a result of the 120 years that the work lasted. It is the cradle of great bullfighters and artists in Seville, as Morante de la Puebla says:

“The glory is in the Maestranza”

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